After seeing more character development done on the character of Goku’s father Bardock, in the movie Broly. I wondered why Goku never previously wanted to revive or even meet Bardock, given that he saved his life by sending him to Earth before Friezas attack.
In fact…. when Frieza brings up Bardock to Goku in DBZ and remarks at the uncanny resemblance they have and that Goku is unmistakably his offspring, Goku responds with a nonchalant “I don’t care.” Every time Bardock has been brought up to Goku, he has expressed disinterest in the topic.
The question now obviously would be, “Why does Goku not want to know more about his biological family?” and well here’s where I ask you to recall one of the earlier sagas in DBZ, the Raditz saga.

Raditz dangles his nephew Gohan

Goku’s very first exposure to a Saiyan came in the form of his real brother, Raditz, who was very unlike the rest of Goku’s family. Raditz not only attacked Goku and his friends, but also kidnapped his son Gohan. Actually, Raditz is one of the prime reasons it takes Goku so long to accept that he’s a member of the Saiyan race.
Recall how everytime Goku has corrected anyone who called him by his Saiyan name “Kakarot”, this is him rejecting his heritage because he wants nothing to do with it. For Goku, his real family is Grandpa Gohan and Master Roshi etc.
However we have a real shot at finally having Goku meet his father now after the release of Broly…simply because of this last ending scene

At the very end of the movie, Goku asks Broly to call him Kakarot, and although this may initially seem insignificant, the implications are enormous!
This is Goku finally accepting his Saiyan heritage, Goku has NEVER called himself Kakarot before, infact whenever he feels the need to introduce himself as a Saiyan, he always adds that he’s from Earth and not Planet Vegeta, distancing himself safely away from the rest of the race.
It’s not that Goku dislikes Bardock, he doesn’t even know him to make that decision. It was just that he never wanted anything to do with being a Saiyan because his perspective of what they were like was largely shaped by Raditz..
But now that we see Goku finally embracing his ancestry, him meeting Bardock isn’t entirely out of the picture. It would only make sense for him to want to know more about where he comes from now, and since this is an encounter that DBZ fans have been dreaming about for years now.. it might finally happen.
What do you think? Would Goku finally want to know more about his dad now or not?


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