We as hardcore Dragon Ball fans, only recently got to know the mother of our beloved hero Goku in the Dragon Ball minus manga and the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, respectively. Up to that point there were various theories surrounding the mother of Goku, as she was not mentioned or shown anywhere in the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z manga and anime. On of the most famous ones regarded Fasha, the girl from Bardock’s crew as his mother.

Goku’s heritage has always been a really intriguing subject for the fans and most of us want to have more insight into this part of the story. As the storyline mostly went forward with the timeline, never really showing the parents of Goku and giving us only a slight information about the history of saiyans. Even Bardock was shown only once or twice during the Freiza saga except he got his own movie of course. We know that he got his own crew which died at the hands of Freiza’s men. Bardock died too after trying to stop Freiza from destroying the planet.

While Goku being a typical saiyann, obsessed with fighting, never even thought of meeting his mother or father. Always focusing on training and getting stronger and meeting new opponents.

But now the franchise’s return has opened up new possibilities and many believe that it is about time that Goku get’s to meet his mother or father or both. It will be very emotional, truly heart shaking and a moment that fans will remember for a long long time.

These are some of the reasons why Goku’s mother was never mentioned before. However, with the return of Dragon Ball Super anime in July and the ongoing manga, we surely hope that this time will come.

What do you think about the big family reunion? Feel free to comment your thoughts.


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