With the series stretching over soooooo many episodes and chapters, for every fan favorite, it’s also bound to have dozens of forgettable or disliked characters by the fans. I mean, some of the fandom likes to pretend certain arcs and shows never even happened *cough* Dragon Ball GT *cough* so it’s perfectly reasonable to come to terms with the idea that certain characters… like Yamcha… are not well liked.

Sorry Yamcha but i gotta be honest..

However interestingly enough, the very creator of the storyline, Akira Toriyama revealed that a character he seems to really dislike is /drumroll/ Vegeta- WAIT! WHAT??

Are you SURE?!

Yep you heard me (er read me?) right, the creator dislikes one of the stars of the show, the Prince of all Saiyans, the OG baddie, the Anti-Hero of our generation, the- okay i’ll stop.
But Akira confirmed when interviewed by Daizenshuu publication a few years ago, that he wasn’t one of Vegeta’s biggest fans.
Apparently he’s a BIG Piccolo and Goku fan though! (although it hardly makes up for it)
Not that Vegeta is in any deficiency of fans.. but still.. shocking. Especially since he’s been such a formidable force in the story for this long.
Was this shocking for you too? Let us know what you think!


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