Toe recently responded to IGN in order to address rumors of new Super episodes currently under production.
Toei Animation’s Media Representative David Syatt reportedly told IGN that no new episodes of Dragon Ball Super are being produced at this time.
“We can only say that this is not true at the moment. We never mentioned or made any announcement about more episodes to Dragon Ball Super.”

However, despite this the initial youtubers responsible for the announcement Geekdom101 and Yonkou Production’s both maintain that Toei is denying these rumors because they want to be the ones to announce the news.

Geekdom responded to Toei’s denial by posting a followup video on his first announcement and said “Just like they did a couple months ago, when it was revealed that they were trying to sell new episodes and shop them out, Toei is denying this, why are they denying this? They want to be the ones to announce it themselves, they’re not happy that, you know, it’s already out there that Super is coming back, they want it to be a big surprise.”
He also mentioned that he values his credibility above all other things and assured everyone of the veracity of his claims.
It is unclear what his sources may be but he HAS built up quite a fan base in the past due to his credibility and reliability.

What do you guys think? Is there any truth to the rumors or is Super really not currently being produced?


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