The Dragon Ball God hierarchy seems to be carefully interconnected and has a somewhat established coexistence or even codependency, for example if the supreme Kai is killed, the God of Destruction is also killed and vice versa, and due to this an angel will be severely weakened.
However one entity that seems to be both literally and figuratively above all of this is Zeno, who seems to have no connection to anybody else within the ecosystem. He is also the most powerful of all the beings in the multiverse, if he wanted to he could wipe out anyone including the angels.

In fact Whis reveals to us that 6 out of 18 original universes were destroyed by Zeno. Within the order of the Gods each seems to have a very specific purpose or mission, and for the most part they’re serious about their assigned roles. This all stands in stark contrast to Zeno- who by all means resembles a child in his design and mannerisms and seems out of place when compared to the stature and personalities of all the Gods below him.
Other strong Gods such as Beerus even crumble before the Omniking.

Beerus a God of Destruction when face to face with the Omniking.

Another interesting point to note is that the Omniking seemingly does not know how to actually…fight. He responds in a child-like manner whenever he observes a god fight taking place and enjoys watching them. In fact it’s because of the way he responds to fights that gives away the fact that he’s never personally been in one himself, if he were to be stripped away of all his power he would certainly be the weakest character in the show actually.
It’s because of this that fans believe the Omniking may have been placed as a parallel of DBZ viewers. The sheer delight with which he watches the battles play out is how Toei wants fans to respond to the series. Another point they seem to stress on is how Zeno never kills anyone but rather erases universes and people instead, arguing that this is to imply the fans of the show possess supreme power, enough to erase the show if they were to stop watching.
What do you guys think? Does the theory hold some weight or is it just meta hogwash? I personally don’t think the creators would try to be so deep, not to mention its still fairly early to judge since we haven’t even introduced to Zeno long enough to make this call, perhaps we’ll find out more about him in future manga chapters.


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