The Fight We Wanted In The Dragon Ball Super Anime 2019

Broly would win. Many underestimate Broly because he lost to SSJ Goku and then Gohan, but people don’t bother to understand why. Broly lost to Goku for 3 reasons

  1. He was cocky and let his guard down. Broly was beating the crap out of Goku and he was enjoying it. He was so focused on Goku that he didn’t notice his power increasing thanks to the Z fighters. Goku’s sudden burst in power caught him off guard. It’s the same thing that happened to SSB Goku when he lost to sorbet’s laser.
  2. Now we know why Goku’s punch hurt Broly. But why did he go down in one shot ?? Well that specific part that Goku hit was a scar that he had since he was a baby. King Vegeta gave him that scar and Broly’s father didn’t care enough to treat hit. Now i’m not sure about you but that would freaking hurt if someone did that to me.
  3. Here’s probably the biggest reason to why broly lost. Broly isn’t like other fighters. His Ki rapidly increases over time and he can’t control it. Once goku hit him he exploded because he was basically at the tipping point when that happened.

What About Jiren vs Broly? well here is a fan made Fight from The Dragon Ball Super Anime 2019 Game:


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