Since the character was first introduced to fans in the show as Goku’s real deceased father, fans have been raving to know more. A recent more sympathetic take on the character of Bardock was seen in Super Broly when movies hit theaters and left fans wanting to see more of the first generation Saiyan.
It is no surprise then, that a lot took to social media to share some stunning illustrations and reimaginings of Bardock, one of which pictures him as a Super Saiyan God.

Twitter artist Barkarott manages to combine the classic sleek red hair of Super Saiyan God with Bardocks latest character designs by Naokiro Shintani for Dragon Ball Super: Broly to give us a fierce reimagining of the character! Since he’s gotten unofficial upgrades in games over the years (like Super Saiyan 3 in Heroes), here’s to hoping we get to see this one in actuality soon enough.


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