Although I’ve previously spoken about the ideas of both Beerus or Piccolo battling it out with Moro… If the storyboard does decide on making this another Saiyan charged battle a good direction to go with would be reintroducing Ultra Instinct for Goku.
Since Super Saiyan Blue is essentially useless against Moro, who quite literally eats energy. And fusion seems to be out of the picture since Gogeta was already used in the Broly movie for such a major arc… the only other alternative here seems to be the re emergence of Ultra Instinct Goku. Now we already know from the appearance on the Tournament of Power that this technique seems to be incredibly depleting and the consequences on Goku’s body were immense… but with certain storylines in the promotional anime Dragon Ball Super Heroes, we might have a few hints to work on here..

Basically in Dragon Ball Heroes we see Goku having mastered Ultra Instinct Omen due to his training. And he is now able to utilise it for both offense and defense, leading people to believe that this might be a possible route in the Super canon. Goku might as well need to master either Ultra Instinct to the point where it exerts less strain on his body, or he might need to go the Heroes route and gain mastery on Omen instead..( we talk about that here)


This seems to be a plausible theory as not only does it seem a likely match for Moro when he inevitably regains his full powers, but also a great opportunity to showcase what Ultra Instinct is truly capable of! In fact we only ever saw Goku debut Ultra Instinct during the tournament against Jiren and after that the power has remained relatively untouched. I feel like a great and organic way to do this would be to have Goku beat into an almost unconscious state, and have him take over into Ultra Instinct form from then on out..
What do you think? Will Ultra Instinct and mastery over it be good enough to beat Moro?


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