The current Dragon Ball Super arc based around the escaped Galactic Patrol Prisoner Moro the goat seems to be nostalgic for a lot of old fans of the series. The fact that it’s currently taking place on New Namek seems to be a throwback to the Frieza saga in DBZ (yes the one with the ridiculously long final battle). With Moro’s mystical powers and his ability to essentially cancel out Saiyan transformations, fans have been coming up with theories on who else could possibly defeat the new Super villain. Fan theories have ranged from a potential new Saiyan Transformation, to the Androids battling it out and even a chance for Beerus to finally shine.

The legendary Namek fight that lasted a whopping 22 episodes

One rising theory in the community however is that Picolo might be the Namekian saviour in this arc. Before you go dismissing the idea, there’s some logic to it after all.
A few convincing points seem to be:
-The fact that the battle takes place on new Namek
-The uselessness of Saiyan transformations against Moro.
-A possible throwback to Picolo tricking Imperfect Cell when Vegeta tricks Moro.
-The involvement of the Namekian Dragon Balls
Picolo has had power-ups in the past by fusing with other Namekians, this was seen in the Frieza saga when he fused with Nail, and then again in the Android saga where he fused with Kami.

Picolo and Kami mid Fusing

Parallels can also be drawn between this situation and previous ones where Picolo has fused, primarily that he does so whenever the Saiyans are unavailable or unable to fight off a threat. With the scene set on New Namek, it would make sense for Picolo to defend his people too not to mention there are plenty of Namekians that would be willing to fuse with him for the greater good. So Picolo might just get a timely power-up after all.
What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing Picolo take center stage finally?


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