We’ve seen all sorts of insane power ups in the Dragon Ball series, from Super Saiyan transformations, to Fusion characters, even villains like Cell, Buu and Frieza get their appropriate limelight with their different forms.
It’s only fitting then that the latest threat to the Universe, Moro the Goat, also have a brief moment to shine.
Although he still has a long way to go to restore his absolute power and magic, after Moro steals Goku and Vegeta’s life force, he looks remarkably more buff and younger.

Moro’s new form

“Incredible,” says Moro, “That the energy from a mere pair of beings could restore my flesh to this extent.”

I’m more concerned with the fact that he’s managed to access Saiyan power in an indirect way.. we don’t yet know the exact implications of this but I can hardly imagine any good coming out of it..

As you can see from the manga panel above, Moro’s new form is distinctly different from what we’ve seen uptil now. Although his outfit pretty much remains the same (maybe fits a bit better actually,) the real change is seen in his build. Moro gains more muscular mass with an impressive six pack and bulging arms to match. He also appears much younger with a shorter bear and an overall more streamlined look. It’s very reminiscent of when Fat Buu transformed into Kid Buu after absorbing enough energy, and we’ve already seen what that managed to do for this power levels..
Who knows what other forms are to come for Moro once his wish is granted and his power restored to it’s fullest. One thing is for certain though, our heroes have their work cut out for them this time around.

What do you guys think, did you like Moro’s new form?


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