As tirelessly overused as the trope might seem by now, the dragon ball franchise imagines up new and creative ways for the new villain to be stronger than the last one each and every time!
And Moro is no exception.

Moro is the new antagonist in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

In a background reveal, we learn Moro is an immensely powerful wizard who’s been locked up for 10 million years after an epic fight with the Grand Supreme Kai and North Supreme Kai, The former of the two had to use all of his god powers to defeat him and seal him magic. Although he was sentenced to death, nobody had the power required to kill him so he stayed locked away… until now.
The fact that he proved an impressive opponent to the two strongest supreme kais of their time (even after having most of his power sealed he was only just barely defeated) , and that no one in the galactic patrol managed to execute him for 10 million years is proof enough of his strength.
Even Merus has remarked that he doubts the combined god like powers of Vegeta and Goku could defeat Moro. And in chapter 45, the battle’s just getting started..

Moro has proven to be a formidable opponent against Vegeta

This might make for an exciting fight though, as towards we end we see him use an almost dark version of the spirit bomb before devouring the condensed energy and becoming much stronger than before. This is according to him his first meal in eons, so it’ll be great to see how the battle with Vegeta progresses. Especially now since most of his energy has been drained by Moro and he is now unable to turn Super Saiyan Blue.

We can’t wait to see what the next chapter reveals about this new enemy or how the Z fighters manage to ultimately beat him, as it’s currently hypothesized that Moro escaped because he got his magic powers back.
And if he succeeds in his mission of restoring the rest of his powers using the Dragon Balls, there’s really no telling how strong he could become.


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