Much to the Dragon Ball community’s delight, Toei and Funimation both took to Twitter on the 2nd of March to post teasers.

Funimation initially tweeted an image of the Four Star Dragon Ball accompanied with the caption “Something legendary is coming…” if this wasn’t curious enough by itself, a minute later Toei Animation also shared a picture of the Three Star Dragon Ball with the same caption.
We can only imagine as to what this “legendary” announcement might be, but we already have a few guesses.
The 3 and 4 star balls might be a reference to a date, perhaps the 4th of March or the 3rd of April, fans also think this might be in respect to the upcoming 35th Anniversary of the original Dragon Ball manga or even an announcement for a new anime (fingers crossed.)
Speculation aside let’s just hope it lives up to the hype. Let us know what you think the ‘legendary’ announcement might be in the comments!


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