Announced by the latest edition of the Monthly V-Jump magazine, Dragon Ball GT’s kid Goku will be making his way into the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

This version of Goku will have plenty of attacks at his disposal, including the ‘Super Kamehameha’ which he will perform by turning into Super Saiyan 3. He will also be able to perform ‘Super Spirit Bomb’ as one of his meteor attacks. His other attacks will include the ‘Power Pole’ and the ‘Reverse Kamehameha’ which can make him quite fun to play with.

After the entry of Jiren and Videl to the roster, Kid Goku will be the third character of the season 2 of the flagship game, with one character yet to unveiled. Also Dragon Ball Super Broly and Gogeta also made their way into the series which was a dream come true for fans.

What do you think about this new addition. We all like kid Goku and Dragon Ball GT right?


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