Having such an extensive series with consistently new character developments that push power levels to the extreme every time is no easy task. Recently, in the Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime we see Goku go through a possibly game changing power-up.
The Dragon Ball Heroes ongoing Universal Conflict arc has showed us how due to the Gokus training with the Grand Priest, he’s managed to achieve mastery on Ultra Instinct Omen (last seen during the Tournament of Power in Super.) What’s the big deal you might ask though? Goku already mastered Ultra Instinct in Super, except.. he never quite got the hang of Omen quite as well.
As he arrives already in Ultra Instinct Omen form with the Grand Priest in episode 9, he manages to carry out both incredible offence and defense, showcasing an updated sense of finesse and mastery over the power up!

This return of Omen has sparked many discussions within the fandom, and a popular theory seems to link Ultra Instinct Omen to Super Saiyan God.
Especially since it’s debut in Super, fans speculated that due to Goku only being able to harness Omen when it came to defense, that it was simply intrinsically meant for that before he accessed the offensive and defensive techniques in Ultra Instinct. But Dragon Ball Heroes has destroyed that idea, since Goku seems to use Omen for offensive here as well.
It seems that the Grand Priest has been able to teach Goku how to utilize Omen by gaining more control over his power and stamina, and in doing so has severely reduced the burn outs Goku went through during the Tournament.
Here’s where the connection comes in.
Fans believe Ultra Instinct Omen could be to Ultra Instinct what Super Saiyan God is to Super Saiyan Blue… which is a more powerful transformation with lesser energy waste.
Although Dragon Ball Heroes isn’t canon, with the current developments in the Super timeline (manga), it could very well be an indication of what’s to come in Super. Especially since the emergence of Moro could possibly render Super Saiyan God useless.
What do you think? Is Ultra Instinct Omen the answer? Let us know!


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