Since Dragon Ball Heroes first started, there has been a number of times where the events of this promotional anime have implicated Dragon Ball Super, and people like me are not happy about it.

From the final look of mastered ultra-instinct to Goku’s training with the Grand Priest, DB heroes has really gone out of its way sometimes. Even the later has yet to happen in the anime and is on-going in the latest chapters of the DB Super manga.

Things like these are spoiling the hype of the gradual build-up of a form and character or events. Just throwing away characters and forms, sure seems fun at times but it just doesn’t seem right.

While for the most part, DB Heroes is fun to watch, seeing characters like SSJ4 Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta, SSJ4 Vegitto, and Cumber etc. is refreshing. But the lines keep getting blurred and the power hierarchy is greatly affected. And the discussions that have been going on further spoil the storyline for a fan who solely relies on the main DB Super anime.

Nevertheless, seeing characters like SSJ4 Goku and SSJBlue Goku fighting is very nice and we hope that the franchise sticks to things like these rather than spoiling the main storyline.


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