Since the new manga chapter essentially wrote off the possibility of Beerus or Whis entertaining the notion of battling Moro. It leaves a lot of fans with some genuine questions about the direction the arc is possibly headed in. Personally, I feel that not utilizing Whis or Beerus in the fight is a mistake since it would do so much for their character building, unless Toriyama has a very good reason and is attempting to maintain hype around their power for a more important arc altogether.
For the time being though, the Z warriors have to worry about the increasing threat that Moro is becoming, it’s only inevitable now that he collects all the Dragon Balls and regains all his sealed magic and is restored to his full power. And after the pummeling that our Saiyan Duo took in the latest chapter, who knows if they’re still capable of fighting him off anymore..


This leads me to discuss another growing fan theory that is slowly becoming increasingly popular. Since Moro the Goat manages most of his power by stealing his opponents Ki, as he did with the Saiyans, it would prove difficult for him to attempt that when facing off against an opponent that doesn’t use traditional Ki attacks.
Android 17 is one such opponent, as an artificial human he battles by controlling the Ki around him and using GenKi, if he were to battle Moro with close physical attacks, he might be able to best him. After all, as an android he is allotted with infinite energy and never gets tired. (As he reminds 18 during the Tournament of Power)
Another convincing point in this theory is Android 17’s enhanced sense of hearing. A quality referred to not too long ago in the manga and anime, 17 was able to detect difficult opponents such as Damon in the Tournament of Power based simply off his sense of hearing. As Moro uses his surroundings and weaponizes a planet to attack his opponents, eg. when he pushed magma from the core of the planet to land a hit on Goku, Android 17’s hearing could be an advantage here to either detect and flee by himself when Moro does this or to alert the Saiyans in a supporting character role.

Moro manipulating magma

But ofcourse this depends on multiple factors, such as whether the arc continues long enough for the fighters to actively seek out 17 again for his help or if they’re successfully able to again. What do you think? Is this a job for an android?


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