What if Universe 7 lost the tournament of power and erased as a result of it?
An Instagram artist by the name of bonobq has been blowing up on social media feeds recently due to their Dragon Ball Super art. The artist in question seems to have Manga style drawn an alternate ending chapter titled “Defeat” where Universe 7 loses the tournament of power. Not only is it really interesting to see this alternate (read: darker) version of the story, bonobq also manages to captivate us with their brilliant artwork, the detailing is exquisite and the amount of effort that must have gone into making this must be tremendous. They’ve already started working on another chapter titled “Hope” so we suggest you go follow their Instagram page and show some love!
I’ll be including some of my personal favourite images from the chapter down here, but I suggest you go through the whole work on their Instagram which I’ve linked above!

I’m not crying I just have a branch in my eye


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