The Dragon Ball series has from the very beginning been largely based around varying types of martial arts, an example of this would be the different Saiyan transformations and how they are usually invoked by a sense of rage and fury. Which is arguably the most common emotion in fighting, especially in street fights.
Out of all of Goku’s transformations though, the one with the most obvious martial arts origins is Ultra Instinct. The Japanese name translates to “The key of egoism” and Ultra Instinct is known as “the art of self-movement” or “combat mastery.” Which is what has lead fans to believe that Ultra Instinct is either based on, or at the very least is heavily influenced by “the flow state.”
The flow state or “Mushin” -“no mind” is a state of intense focus directed towards a task despite no conscious effort spent on it. In fact it’s probably something you’ve managed to achieve already and just don’t know about, given that although it’s mainly rooted in martial arts it can extend to academic work and other physical exercise too.

I mean you won’t get silver hair but you might as well

Flow state is a state where you lose all sense of time and space, the only thing that matters to you in that moment is the task you’re focused on. What’s the difference between flow state and hyperfocus? Well hyperfocus involves concentrated effort on your part whereas flow is more of a relaxed state.
How do you unlock it?
Well you can’t force it, but you can induce it. It works differently for everyone but meditation helps. It clears the mind and allows you to focus on any one task at hand. Another key to accessing it is to allow yourself to lose track of time, and repetition. It’s far easier to get into a flow state when you’re doing something that is familiar for you. Enabling muscle memory to take over is an important step. The video that talks about this is pretty interesting, I suggest you give it a view!


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