A topic that has been under discussion since Gogeta manhandled legendary super saiyan Broly, can SSJBlue Gogeta beat MUI Goku?

Let’s start by putting into perspective the feats that both these overpowered characters have accomplished. Goku managed to tap into ultra instinct against the strongest mortal known as Jiren who is even said to be stronger than a God of destruction. Mastered ultra-instinct Goku beat a fully-powered Jiren without fully reaching his limit. He was even honoured by every God of destruction who stood up during the fight when Goku fully mastered this technique. It is a feat that the Gods of destruction have yet to accomplish.

Mastered Ultra-Instinct Goku

Gogeta first appeared in the “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” movie, where he took down fully powered Broly with ease. Broly is a character about whom Goku himself states that he might be stronger than GOD Beerus. So Gogeta beating him without so much a trouble clearly illustrates the bar that is being set here.

SSJ Blue Gogeta

In the Dragon Ball Super Heroes anime, Cumber in his base form beats up SSJBlue KaiokenX20 Vegitto with ease. After that, he also beats SSJ4 Vegitto without having little trouble. In the end, it was MUI Goku who took down SSJ3 Cumber without using the full extent of his power.
So, Vegitto, if assumed equal to Gogeta, it shows that they are not as powerful as MUI Goku. Added the fact that Jiren also had no difficulty dealing with SSJ3 Cumber. Although the credibility of Dragon Ball Super Heroes is a question mark, it can still be used to get an idea about the power ratings.

MUI Goku vs SSJ3 Cumber

Now let’s get into the statement that Goku made in the movie and Whis made in the main anime. Goku said that Broly ‘may be’ stronger than Beerus. Whereas, Whis said in the TOP arc that Jiren is a mortal who is stronger than a God of destruction. Now, whose statement has more weight? Is it Goku’s who is known to be casual at times and overhypes things? Or is it the angel Whis who is the best martial artist of the universe 7 and knows basically everything there is to know about the art? We’ll leave it up to the readers.

The reason for comparing the respective opponents is to get a hint about the power levels of our characters of discussion. Both these characters are some of the strongest of the DB Super universe. However, the bottom-line is that there are more supporting arguements to MUI Goku being stronger than SSJBlue Gogeta than the other way around.

Feel free share your thoughts with us about this epic comparison.


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