The undisputed strongest character of universe 7 is Whis, make no mistake. But a question that arises in the mind of almost every Dragon Ball fan, is how stronger he really is?

Although Whis has never joined the action for the most part, we would still try to get an estimate of his power from what information we have.

Starting from the Dragon Ball Z ‘Battle of Gods’ movie, where he just took out Beerus with just one blow and put him to sleep for three years. Beerus who is a God of destruction and is supposed to be the second strongest character of the universe is nowhere near Whis. Also in the movie, Beerus states that Goku is the second strongest fighter he has ever faced. But obviously, we have come so far from that point.

Considering mastered ultra-instinct Goku to be a little bit stronger than Beerus, still makes him no match for Whis, that is the extent of his power. But he is not the strongest character when talking about the multiverse. Of course, Zeno is the strongest character of the Dragon Ball Super universe. Then comes the Grand Priest, assuming that we don’t know how strong Zeno’s guards are compared to him. Each respective angel is strongest character of that universe, then come the respective Gods of destruction. However, some mortals like Goku, Jiren and even Broly have shown the power that may ascend the level of the GODs.

We have to wait and see how these power ratings shift and the development of characters like Goku, Vegeta and Broly. What do you think about Whis’s power? Do share your thoughts with us.


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