Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter Number 46 is now officially in the history books as Goku and Vegeta are faced off against an opponent who can seemingly enough get stronger by absorbing the very life energy of not only the planet that they reside on but also themselves subconsciously without knowing as Goku and Vegeta right now are faced off against an opponent that seems to be getting ever so powerful while they continue to grow ever so weaker in combat.

As we kick off Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter # 46 entitled Namek In Decline with more having to forcefully push the Vegeta through the cliff side across the field as MORO seems to not only have the upper hand against Vegeta but is now switching and redirecting his focus in punishing Vegeta and as we see Moro forcefully push Vegeta through the landscape as Vegeta begins to descend in the water the only other person that has any sort of chance in combating against Moro right now is Goku as Goku goes on to state stop you he immediately takes action and charging directly at Morel and as Goku charges towards Moro’s Direction more while still having his hand out in pushing Vegeta He casually is able to block off Goku’s kick and in a very similar fashion just as we’ve seen with Dragon Ball Super: Broly Moro so casually grabs on to Goku’s foot as Goku is unaware to what Moro is about to do at which He then later proceeds to take Goku over his shoulder and slamming his body directly onto the ground with such force and such precision that not only is more slamming Goku across the ground but he’s also slamming him side-to-side so at this point while Goku is unable to tap into his Super Saiyan transformation.

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