In the canonverse of the Dragon Ball series, Gohan has faded almost into obscurity, leaving many fans disappointed and confused.
Despite the potential he harbors as an offspring to a Saiyan Warrior such as Goku, Gohan actively chooses to stay out of battles in order to focus more on studies. Luckily, the fandom isn’t too keen on letting him stay out of the limelight too long and some fans decided to draw high quality manga as an alternate story to Gohan’s character arcs.

Simply put, Gohan manages to unlock Super Saiyan 5 when his daughter Pan is killed by Frieza’s son Ize. It’s fitting that an emotional trigger be utilized for the first time this form is shown.
This is honestly one of the rare moments that fanfiction is almost as good as the canon.
What do you think, is Gohan better off away from the battlezone or do you want to see more of him?


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