Toei just dropped two new teasers related to Dragon Ball during a stream for their newest game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes. A new episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes will be release on May 9, according to the first teaser. However, the second teaser contains the photo of the main series lead, Goku. The image is similar to the Goku seen in the latest DragonBall Super: Broly movie. The teaser promises an upcoming announcement on May 9, which is also called “Goku Day” by the Japanese.

Dragon Ball Super: Possible return

DragonBall Super

One Twitter user translated the image, which according to him states that “On Goku day something will happen?”

Many fans are speculating that this is possibly the long-awaited and rumored return of DragonBall Super season two. For months, fans and content creators have been spreading rumors of the series return. Toei, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied all of these rumors. In a recent interview, the producer of DragonBall Super: Broly confirmed that a new series was not in development, leaving many fans disappointed. The newest teaser has once again given hope to many fans and rumors are going wild.

The first teaser, advertising Super Dragon Ball Heroes, uses the art designs from Tadayoshi Yamamuro, long-time Dragon Ball character Designer know for giving the Dragon Ball series a more modern appearance. The second teaser image, however, shows the art designs from Naohiro Shintani, the character designer behind the successful DragonBall Super: Broly movie. According to several rumors, the new series is expected to feature Shintani’s designs.

Just a couple of days ago, rumors stated that Dragon Ball Super season 2 would be announced at the end of April. If this teaser is indeed the big DBS announcement, then it would perfectly match up with the previous rumors.

So what do you think? Will Dragon Ball Super make a possible return this summer? Comment below.


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