For months now, many fans and the Dragon ball community as a whole has been waiting for some official update on the upcoming dragon ball super sequel. Earlier this month Geekdom101 confirmed that the anime series was indeed in pre-production and will likely make a comeback this July. Now we finally have some updates regarding the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Teaser.

There is a high chance that an official Dragon ball super teaser might be released this upcoming week between April 20th-April 28th. Not to forget, the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z is fast approaching as well. Back in 2015, Dragon Ball Super was announced in a similar manner.

Dragon Ball Super

Anime TV Japan recently tweeted this but Toei animation was quick to deny any such rumor. However, many fans claim this is just a cover-up maneuver. Previous rumors also claimed that the anime was making a comeback this July.

Dragon Ball Super Teaser

The series next arc is expected to be a continuation of the events from the Broly movie. Currently, the Manga is underway with its Galaxy Patrol arc, so there is a possibility that the series could start afresh from there. There is no clear-cut answer but more information will soon be available.

Dragon Ball Super Teaser

So, what happens to Dragon Ball Heroes Promotional Anime? you may be asking.

The Promotional Anime is still going to be aired as dragon ball super arrives on to the big screens. It’s still highly unlikely that the series will become a full-time anime like Super but who knows what might happen.

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