Geekdom and other Youtubers announced over a week ago that inside sources had confirmed the return of Super in July of 2019 (which you can read about here), although Toei and IGN (which has worked with Toei animation in the past) were quick to deny rumors and attempt to hush the story altogether, the initial leaks maintain that the return of Super this summer is confirmed.

Geekdom has responded to Toei’s denial by claiming that the only reason Toei is denying these rumors is because they want to be the ones to announce the return of the show themselves and build hype around the release. He also defended himself and stated that his credibility matters to him and he always checks any Intel he receives before posting about it. (he’s been right about leaks and announcements previously.) Due to his previous reputation in all things Dragon Ball related, an enormous number of fans have decided to trust his word on the matter and have come to his support.

He’s taken to Youtube again to post another followup video just now, and he confirms that he has checked with “atleast 13 different people” on the inside and is certain that Super returns in July this year and is currently under pre production, he claims the announcement should be made by Toei by the end of April or early May at the latest. Interesting to note is that his predictions seem to match up with certain Toei statements in the past, since the first part of Super initially wasn’t very well received due to time crunches on animation and storyboards, it would make sense for the show to already be in pre-production around this time to ensure the entire crew has more time to perfect each episode.
Toei has also stated in the past that they’ve learnt from previous mistakes when rushing with Super production earlier and intends to increase pre production time the next time around.
Another point to note is that Super is not yet decided for a set number of episodes, perhaps like the first half it might go on for years but that depends on ratings and fan response, at the moment though there’s no number allocated to the series run.

You can watch his video here:

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