As you all know that Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 45 is releasing soon,and we already got some big Spoilers about Moro’s New Technique “Evil Spirit Bomb”.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

You all know that Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc is already started in Manga and soon Dragon Ball Super will release this Arc.We know that the Villain in this arc is a guy named Moro (The Planet-Eater).Million’s year ago Grand Supreme Kai (Daikaioh) take’s Moro power and imprisoned him, After Million’s of years finally Moro’s escaped from Galactic Patrol Prisoner and looking for Dragon Ball to restore his taken power.

Kidnapping of Buu

Goku and Vegeta are training when Bulma passes a message to Goku from Mr. Satan that a mysterious group of people is trying to kidnap Buu from his house. Goku and Vegeta rush to Mr. Satan’s house and find that the group of mysterious people is loading the (still sleeping) Buu in spaceship.The Leader of this Group Recognize Goku & Vegeta and Instantly knock them with a gun.When Goku and Vegeta wake up, they find themselves in the Galactic Patrol headquarters, with Jaco. The person who ordered the kidnapping turns out to be Meerus, the number one elite patrolman of the Galactic Patrol who is in charge of 104 districts.

Battle In Planet Namek

Finally Goku & Vegeta Arrived at planet Namek where they faced Moro’s, Vegeta battled with Moro’s but Moro’s has Unsual power which cause trouble for Vegeta. While battling Vegeta Moro’s reveal some of his Energy like Summoning Life energy of Planet from it core which can be used as Heat-Seeking Missiles. But somehow prince vegeta manages to power-up and kick Moro’s right into the Ground,Which Angers Moro’s and decided to use Evil Spirit Bomb

Evil Spirit Bomb

He gathered every single life energy on planet energy and formed a Evil Spirit Bomb, Instead of throwing it on enemies he absorb the Spirit Bomb itself, Vegeta is back to his base form, and Realize that he can’t transform into Super Saiyan. This Evil Spirit Bomb not just absorb the planet life energy but also the person ki too, Yes Moro’s absorb Goku & Vegeta Super Saiyan Ki too, which is why they can’t transform into Super Saiyan.


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