In the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super Manga, Vegeta got beat bad by Moro, I mean really bad. Which got fans into remaking memes about Vegeta being the world famous appetizer for most Dragon Ball villains. Jut sit back and think about that. Yeah, every time.

Even when Vegeta went beyond the legendary Super Saiyan Blue which got Moro a little bit worried, he just clinched off all of Vegeta’s power. Rendering Vegeta only utilize his base form which got crushed badly.

What Now?

It’s time for Goku to step in. But wait? Moro will just steal all of his powers too. So just how can our protogonists beat this powerful villain. Most of the people are looking for fusion or ultra instinct. But I highly doubt that any of those will appear. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how will our heroes turn this battle around. We will have to wait and see.

The latest manga chapter will be released on March 19 or 20.

What are you expecting of the chapter 46 of Dragon Ball Super. Feel free to leave in your comments in the comments section blue. 


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