Dragon Ball Super Heroes episode 9 got the fans hyped after Grand Priest Goku made an epic entrance and knocked the villain android out of Vegeta’s body. The platform is set for an epic encounter with a possible team up of main characters Goku, Vegeta and Jiren to engage in a battle which would decide the faith of the universe 11.

On to the DBSH episode 10, utilizing Ultra Instinct Omen, Gokuu unleashes a fierce attack against the Core Area warriors. Having been caught off guard and absorbed by Oren before, Vegeta trembles in fury. Will they be able to stage a counterattack against these limitless foes?


As the title states, Goku and Vegeta are bound to team up and with Jiren joining them, they can take on the main threat including Heart, the revived merged Zamasu and the universal seed weapon which can destroy the whole universe.

Plus we are also thrilled to see what this new Ultra-Instinct Omen Goku can do. May be he can improve on his display in the Tournament of Power arc. The episode will be released in mid April. So, there is a lot of wait before we can get to witness the epic encounter.


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