News has broken out in Japan about the return of Super in July of this year!
Pre-production for the show’s return reportedly began in September of 2018 according to multiple sources to allow animators more time to increase the quality of the art showcased. For most of the early part of 2019, the directors were focusing on the storyboard aspects, but have now officially moved onto production.
According to Geekdom101, the announcement for the return should be around April 26-28, which is around the time of the show’s anniversary as well as when the announcement for the first part of the series was previously announced!

In case you are wondering, Naohido Shintani’s (designs from Broly), will be used for the second half of the series instead of the earlier designs employed in the show. The current team will still be working on it, but with Shintanis designs and more time, it is expected to be considerably higher quality than the previous Super arcs.

Moving onto storyboards, it is unlikely that the Broly movie will be retold as sources have also confirmed that the show will be following the manga, which is currently dealing with the Moro arc. (read about that here)


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