Dragon Ball Super: Broly hit up theaters recently with huge achievement, however it appears there’s a whole other world to the story than fans thought. Things being what they are, a few scenes were cut from the film, and its director is opening up about those. As of late, director Tatsuya Nagamine in an interview said that he talked about his career in anime. It was there the he discussed his time on Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and interpreters got his notes about the film’s cut reels.  

As per reports, it appears Nagamine did storyboards a long ways past what fans saw. Financial plan and time limitations incited Toei Animation to chop down the film’s run, constraining Nagamine to remove some intriguing scenes.As the translators shared with fans,

A portion of the scenes that got cut were a battle among Nappa and Raditz, a past snapshot of Vegeta and Raditz adolescence, the greater part of the cut scenes were before the fight part

After analyzing the above statement, fans have a superior thought of what could have been. It appears Dragon Ball Super: Broly needed to invest more energy in the past than it actually did. A battle among Nappa and Raditz would have occurred either previously or after Freeza obliterated Planet Vegeta. The youth scene for Vegeta and Raditz would have without a doubt occurred previously, and Nagamine’s different asides would have occurred before Goku’s standoff with Broly.

The disclosure of these deleted scenes has fans needing to see them any way that is available, yet there is no telling if Toei Animation will impart them to the world. All things considered, it appears Nagamine was just ready to storyboard the scenes before they got cut, so here’s to hope that someday those extended scenes will be made available to fans.


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