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There is no denying that Goku is the Main Protagonist of Dragon Ball, despite Toriyama’s attempts to make Gohan the hero of the story. What Makes Goku stand out from the crowd of anime Protagonist is his yearning desire to fight the strongest opponents in the Universe. Time and Time again Goku has faced formidable foes, sometimes beating them and sometimes getting crushed himself.

With Dragon Ball Super not only have our heroes gotten stronger but so have the villains. So, don’t be surprised if the majority of the names listed here are from Dragon Ball Super. Keep in mind that we have not included characters whom Goku has not fought yet.

Dragon Ball: Six Characters that are stronger than Goku

Goku Black

Dragon Ball

What happens when Goku becomes a god? Well, Goku Black happens. The Villain who is in fact Zamasu, an apprentice serving the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, was able to steal Goku’s body using time travel. With his immortality and Goku’s Saiyan body, the antagonist became an unstoppable foe. Even Vegito, the Potara fused Goku and Vegeta, were unable to defeat him. Goku Blacks Super Saiyan Rose, his signature move, is his own altered version of Super Saiyan Blue.


Dragon Ball

Hit, the legendary assassin from Universe 6, earned great respect from Goku after his fight with him in the Tournament of Destroyers. He was able to defeat Vegeta thanks to his time skip ability and would have done the same to Goku if Goku hadn’t figured what was going on. Although Kaioken Goku was able to stand his ground, Hit revealed that he was holding back all this time since there was a no Killing rule. A similar rule was also imposed in the Tournament of Power arc which means that we still haven’t seen the assassin going all out. He could very possibly be stronger than we all imagine.


Dragon Ball

Without a doubt, Jiren is the strongest opponent Goku has ever faced, period. Super Saiyan Blue combined with Kaioken couldn’t even phase the pride trooper from Universe 11. Even a full powered Spirit Bomb didn’t make him flinch, as he stood his ground and even let Goku charge it to its maximum power. It was a miracle that Ultra Instinct Goku appeared otherwise Goku would have easily been wiped out and probably even vaporized. Even the creators have said that Jiren would still outmatch Goku without his Ultra Instinct form.


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