Since Dragon Ball Heroes is finally releasing on switch outside of Japan, now would be a good time to brush up on some of its more character avatars and their stories. Ever since the promotion videos and merchandise have hit the shelf, fans have been baffled by a common recurring character who goes by the name of “Beat.” Due to his Saiyan heritage and uncanny resemblance, fans have hypothesized that he might be Goku’s grandson. This is not the case however.

Beat and Note alongside Goku and Vegeta

Dragon Ball Heroes has no concrete set story, nor does it have any continuity. To put it plainly, it does not exist inside the canon, much like GT (thank god for the latter..)
However there are plenty of official manga releases that detail the backstories of these characters. In a more popular story, Beat & Note and the other characters are meant to represent real life fans of the Dragon Ball Heroes game who play it, but at one point get sucked into the arcade game and battle it out with the other villains much like the rest of us. The other avatars are also kids who get to change their races in the game to be Namekians, or from the Frieza clan etc. But by far the most represented across all the promos are Beat and his girlfriend Note, who even get Super Saiyan power ups

Despite the story having no continuity, the two have built up quite a few storylines and a fanbase. Perhaps in future games they might even have different stories altogether.


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