It’s no secret that a lot of fans of the older series in the franchise were disappointed with the art changes and styles showcased in Super. In fact Super was largely controversial within the fandom for this very reason especially in the first arc, a lot of the drafts of storyboards required fixing too apparently and this is detailed in an interview by Tatsuya Nagamine who worked with the show past episode 77
A fan translated and summarized the interview as this:

“Since Nagamine joined the production he was fixing the storyboards to the point that his right hand got broke,” Reeiterating a trend of Toei Animation’s to have series directors correct story boards during production.
“Nagamine even asked for another series director to work with him so he could just focus on fixing the storyboards. He repeated the word ‘fixing’ six times sequentially.” Nagamine reportedly spent hours correcting storyboards before stepping away from the series to focus on the Broly film. After Nagamine stepped away from storyboard correcting and Yutaka took over, he had more staff and time to focus efforts on art and animation in Super, which was well received by fans. We also know that the staff employed for animation was occupied with relatively newbies in the industry and they were on an intense time crunch too.
So finally we have an explanation for why the quality was so topsy turvy in the start! What do you think, did the explanation surprise you?


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