The latest translated chapter of DBS just dropped yesterday and it’s one of the greatest in the series by far!
So last time we left off Vegeta and Goku on Planet Namek while they were facing off against Moro, Moro had effectively cancelled out their ability to transform beyond their base levels.
In this chapter we’re almost immediately introduced to Moro beating the daylights out of Vegeta

Things really aren’t looking too good for the Saiyan Prince here..

We quickly learn when Goku tries to use Instant Transmission that he no longer has enough energy for it, which means Moro had been draining him from a distance this entire time. And both Vegeta and Goku get embarrassingly pummeled now that they can’t turn Super Saiyan..

Reading this made me physically criNGe. That’s gotta hurt!
Moro devouring what’s left of their energy

Moro devours their energy and becomes younger? He seems to age backwards and even remarks on how surprised he is to find that their energy made such a difference! He moves on to destroy 3 Namekian villages in his quest for the Dragon Balls, and manages to get a hold on 3 of them.
Interestingly enough though, he doesn’t finish the fight by killing them as he’s perfectly confident that they’ll die on their own in any case. Our heroes are saved by some Namekians including Esca who works to heal them before they finally regain consciousness… 3 days later.
Simultaneously though.. Beerus and Whis seem to be out of this arc entirely as Beerus expresses disinterest in wanting to get involved with a planet that has no food..

Fair enough I guess.

Meanwhile, and this is a real kicker, the concept of fusion is brought up yet again, and how Namekians have for decades fought off evil by assimilating. In fact we get to see some of their strongest assimilated warriors head towards Moro to fight him off. Sadly it doesn’t go too well and the chapter ends with Moro effortlessly piercing through their “saviour”

The Namekians are totally at Moro’s mercy at this point, it’s kind of hard not to feel bad for them since they bear the brunt of most Galactic Villainous Rampages…
With Beerus and Whis not participating, and the concept of Super Saiyans out of the picture.. I wonder who will have to defeat Moro…
It’s also immensely refreshing to see brutality of this magnitude displayed in the series after so long. It’s been a while since we’ve had some gore in the series, and this is a welcome change of pace.
What do you think? Did you guys like the new manga chapter or could you do without the body horror that followed? Let us know!


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