Earlier Broly made Dragon Ball recording breaking runs in theaters in Japan and North America. As it finished runs as the 3rd highest grossing anime film of all time in the US, and the 12th highest off all time worldwide, ($107 million) However a new announcement has confirmed that the movie giant’s run’s not over yet!

Specifically, the movie is set to be shown in India. Here’s the announcement:

“Goku & Vegeta find themselves in an earth-shaking battle with an unknown Saiyan who awakens his legendary abilities. Coming to your nearest #PVR this March. Watch #DBSBroly First Time Ever in theatres in India. Stay tuned for the Official Release Date!#PVRLive #MoviesOnlyAtPVR

This is big new for Indian fans of the series who had previously taken to the internet to protest the lack of scheduled screenings of Broly in the country!


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