Since Moro’s introduction in the new Dragon Ball Super arc, fans have been buzzing about with anticipation and theories on who could possibly best him in battle. As we have found out, Moro can drain planets and living beings on it of their life force and power, effectively weaponizing the entire of New Namek in his battle with Vegeta. This robbed Vegeta of so much power that he was unable to transform to Super Saiyan Blue.
It seems even Goku considers Moro to be incredibly strong, as someone who has always prided himself on fighting his enemies when they’re at their absolute strongest and even allowing them the time to be so, for the first time in the series he sensed something deeply wrong while Moro was draining Namek and asked Vegeta to attack before he could charge.

….. that’s definitely a first..

With Merus already believing the Saiyan duo cannot best Moro on their own, fans have started theorizing about who possibly could. And a popular choice here seems to be Beerus.
Dragon Ball Super is really kicking it off with the high stakes here, for the first time in a while you can really feel the seriousness of the situation here. And since Moro seems to pose such a massive threat, it might be that Beerus the God of Destruction in Universe 7 (which is where these events are transpiring) might have to step in.

Vegeta realising that his energy has been drained by Moro and he is now unable to transform

This theory holds a lot more weight than you might initially think. Although Beerus might not interfere in a battle to save Vegeta or Goku, as Moro can drain entire planets and its inhabitants of their energy, his very existence threatens Beerus’s position as a God in his own universe and the universe he presides in which gives him enough incentive to step in and defeat Moro.
Since the inception of Beerus he has captivated the audience and established himself as a supremely interesting character, but sadly Akira has never explored the dynamic or depths of this character so far and has reduced him to a side character role.

Beerus the God of Destruction of Universe 7

This arc could thus be entertaining to an unprecedented extent, as ever since Beerus’s debut in the series we have never yet had the opportunity to witness him at his full power or potential as there was never previously a need for this. Yet on multiple occasions we have heard other characters talk about the incredible power Beerus possesses, and now might be the chance to utilize it and further develop his character. In Super so far, Goku and Vegeta have already had plenty of fight scenes and arcs based around them and it would indeed be refreshing to finally see another interesting character such as Beerus getting some limelight action. As far as i’m concerned I would love to see Beerus finally showing off his power to a worthy opponent like Moro, this could be on battle to really keep the lookout for.
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