The Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga has started to get interesting to say the very least. In the last chapter of the manga, after we saw Moro beat Goku and Vegeta, we were introduced to Beerus and Whis for the first time in this arc.
Speculations have been travelling for quite some time now on Beerus finally facing off against a baddie in the series, but the possibility still seems uncertain.
Fans are treated to a focus on Beerus and Whis at their planet, with Whis informing his student of the threat.

“Planet Namek is exhibiting a sharp decline in energy levels, so I decided to take a peek,”

“Is the planet about to die? How exciting,” Beerus replies.
The exchange below then plays out when Whis asks Beerus if he’s content with letting things pan out on their own.

Beerus seems as apathetic as ever

Fans are uncertain if Beerus even bothered to look over at Whis’s staff and get a better understanding of the situation.
So what does this mean for their roles in this arc?
After fan theories of this finally being our chance of seeing Beerus battle it out taking the internet by storm, this panel seems like an apt response by Toriyama to let us know that’s…. not about to happen.
At least that’s the way I interpreted this feature, it comes across as a fitting way to remove Beerus and Whis from this arc and give us a heads up about their reasons- which simply put, is that Beerus isn’t interested enough. Apathetic as ever, Beerus is perfectly alright with letting New Namek be destroyed. In fact, we even get to see him say he’s delighted that other beings help make his job as the God of Destruction easier by eliminating extra planets every now and then… yikes
Does this strike out the chances of Beerus vs Moro? Probably, yes.
But there is still room for error, it honestly depends on how long the arc goes on for. It’s possible that once Moro’s true power and magic is returned to him when he collects all the Dragon Balls that Beerus decides to take interest, not for New Nameks sake, but perhaps he sees him as a powerful opponent that threatens his very position as God of the Universe, similar to Battle of the Gods.
But for the time being, it seems the Z fighters are on their own.

Do you think Beerus and Moro will face off? Let us know!


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