Dragon Ball amvs have existed for what seems like the dawn of time. I can’t imagine my childhood without DBZ amvs accompanies with their typical Link Park songs (you know exactly what I mean) , and honestly why would I even want to?
It was because of this that when I came akross (haha see what I did there? oksry) this AMV, my inner fangirl seemed to take the stage. EnzoAMV managed to somehow incorporate all the things we know and love about the Dragon Ball series in one masterfully edited video with its own unique storyline! Not only does the video comprise of scenes and edits taken from across the different shows in the franchise, it manages to piece them together so wonderfully that it might as well seem like a Dragon Ball arc I somehow managed to miss out on.
The AMV in question deals with Goku stuck in a time loop and having to yet again face off against some of our favourite villains! Frieza, Cell, Buu, Broly, and the Androids are just a few to name here. There’s even a cut where he wanders into our reality by literally flying out of the screen and I honestly can not imagine a better fit than the song used which is Faint by Linkin park. The creator even goes the extra mile by providing a link to the storyline (check the video description) in case it gets difficult to follow. I suggest you check both the AMV and the link out!

Goku fights off Frieza, Buu and Perfect Cell at the same time
Just a few of the villains that the video throwsback to

Let us know what your favourite Dragon Ball AMVs are!


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