The much beloved Dragon Ball franchise turns 30 this year and fans can expect loads of celebrations!
We already saw massive DBZ celebrations last year as promotion for Broly such as replaying older DBZ movies and partnerships with clothing brands for character inspired shoes! But the 30th anniversary celebrations are expected to be on a whole other level!

License Global has talked about how there’s going to be a 30th anniversary collectible home video release announcement coming up soon, according to a senior director at Toei Animation. They’re also making arrangements for a special Dragon Ball Z Symphony concert this summer in the US and Canada where fans will get the opportunity to hear live versions of the Japanese score from the show, along with clips playing in the background.
Other notable events is the fact that the team will be back at most major comic cons this year such as San Diego Comic Con, Crunchyroll expo and New York Comic Con etc, where rumors have circulated they might announce the return of Dragon Ball Super, this hasn’t been confirmed yet but it seems to make the most sense considering North America’s increased influence on the series over the past half decade.
What do you think? Is the new Super series announcement bound to happen at San Diego Comic Con or not?


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